12 Quit Smoking Tattoo Ideas

Smoking TattooSo you need to quit smoking, right? While bringing to an end the behavior may be an uphill task, a few quit smoking tattoo ideas may come in handy. Whatever you do, shun representations of a cigarette or a brand of cigarette. Listed below are quit smoking tattoo ideas to try:

  •  Tree of life Crown intricately done by a good artist up and around your shoulder may be a sign of clean air and life.
  •  A tattoo with the words “no smoking” or just the normal no smoking sign inscribed on the arm will serve as a firm reminder that no smoking is allowed every time you get the urge to smoke.
  •  An ingenious tattoo featuring a Greek Omega sign which means the “end” could be used to signify the end of a smoking behavior.
  •  You may want to have a tattoo of something symbolic of a new beginning. Dawn, blossoms, butterflies, alpha or a stylized number 8 (which looks like an infinity symbol) may be used.
  •  You could also lay emphasis on how you feel after quitting. Do you feel cleaner, stronger or even more powerful? Get a tattoo based on the feeling. To add on to creativity, you could inscribe the upper case delta which is a sign of change.
  •  An oxygen molecule would signify a fresh of breath air that is associated with non-smoking.
  •  The hospital symbol with a snake wrapped around the cross can be used to signify good health. But, unlike traditional cigarette, E-cigarettes are much safer. Check the benefits of E-cigarettes in Best Electronic Cigarette Blog.
  •  A stylized Canary on the arm would be a perfect quit smoking tattoo since Canaries were used to detect when the air was unsafe to breath.
  •  Images of winds or breaths simultaneously flowing one after another symbolize gentleness and penetrating change.
  •  The idea of the “control” key from a keyboard would not only be ingenious but would also serve as a reminder that you are in control of your cravings.
  •  A can of Perrier Air tattoo, like in spaceballs can be used to symbolize freshness.
  •  Inscribe an image of sprouting seeds on the arm or thigh to symbolize beginning, free of cigarettes smoking.

Like previously stated, a quit smoking tattoo should not have any representation of a cigarette, anything or anyone smoking a cigarette mainly for two reasons. First, you may know the meaning of the tattoo but to others it would look like an endorsement of smoking. Secondly, most ex- smokers tend to find anything smoking related disgusting and repulsive. A quit smoking tattoo is likely to last on your arm, shoulder, thigh or any other place you choose to inscribe it for a long period of time. Choose the correct, most appropriate sign. Some creativity is welcomed.

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

downloadWith tattoos showing up on just about everyone these days; a good question to ask would be why? Exactly what are the reasons that motivate certain individuals to inject their bodies with permanent ink patterns, not to mention sitting through the entire painful process of getting a tattoo? Tattoos are a permanent thing, and people let complete strangers perform this procedure without any hesitation; in fact most people have the upmost trust in these individuals who call themselves tattoo artists. Obviously everyone has a different reason for getting a tattoo, although here is a list of the more popular reasons among people of all ages.


1. Self-Expression is of course one of the more prominent reasons why people choose to get a tattoo on their body. Their specific tattoo will stand for exactly who they are and what they believe in despite what anyone else may think or say. This type of tattoo is more of an exhibit for the world to admire and relish in.


2. Rebellion is another popular reason for people to get a tattoo. No matter at what age, most everyone has done something at one time or another that they have been advised strongly not to, and getting a tattoo is generally one of those things. For young adults especially; getting a tattoo is making a stand against their parents and somehow transitioning them into adulthood.



3. Demonstrating an affiliation or connection is another common reason for getting a tattoo. This of course doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact for many it can be related to things such as: Religion, The Armed Forces, or even the Police or Fireman’s Association.


4. A tattoo addiction could possibly be another reason why some get their tattoos. For many people once they receive their first tattoo, they generally become addicted to it and decide to continue getting more and more over the years.


5. Memories and memorials are also popular reasons why some individuals get tattoos. Many people choose to get either their spouses name tattooed on them or maybe even images of their children. For other individuals, they may decide to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away in the form of a memorial tattoo. Both of which seem to display a story about that certain individual.

6. A loving gesture is another common reason for some to get a tattoo on their body. Tattoos such as a two pieces of a broken heart, or two puzzle pieces are very popular for both couples, as well as best girlfriends.


7. Tribal Tattoos & Phrases are also popular among people of all ages. Tribal tattoos are very common on men as a sign of strength, while phrases are generally more common among the women as a sign of their morals and beliefs, such as;” No Regrets”, “Love Faith & Hope”, or even “Learn from Yesterday and Live for Tomorrow”.

Terrible Tattoo Ideas

babyfingerTattoos are forms of modifications on the human body. They are drawn into the dermis skin layer by use of an indelible ink so as to change the skin pigmentation. There are several examples of terrible cliche tattoo ideas. Fad tattoos are the kinds that don’t last long. They should be avoided because they do not bring out the true meaning of tattooing as they fade with time. Tattoos are a work of art and most of them are socially acceptable because they bring out different sorts of meanings. However, some individuals seem to shock the society by coming up with weird and strange tattoos which to them is body art. Although the art of tattooing has been practiced over centuries in different parts of the world and throughout many cultures, it has completely lost its true meaning since everybody is doing it.

Teenagers and young people have no genuine reasons behind their tattoos. Most of them do it because of the “peer pressure” influence and the need to “be cool”. Others do it for sincere reasons like losing loved ones, tattoos of their lovers or their favorite pieces of art. Frankly speaking, some tattoos are very cool but others are terribly ugly without any justification. There are a number of traditional tattoos that are still popular, but still that does not mean they are terrible cliche tattoo ideas. For example, a well modified rose flower tattoo is very lovely. Some tattoos are very disturbing. For instance, the belly button tattoo of an animal is disturbing though popular at the same time.

If your body is not tattooed and probably you want some ink on your skin, then there are some mistakes you should avoid. For example, the type of ink to be used. White ink tattoos are fads. Another form of tattoo that doesn’t involve use of ink is the body carving. This is a tattoo where the skin is scraped off the body by use of a scalpel leaving the desired shape in form of a scar. Although a wound is left behind, it heals with time forming the tattoo shape. The origin of the above mentioned tattoo is Africa since their dark skins proved to be difficult for the normal tattoos.

The strangest tattoo trend in the society is when people make tattoos that represent creatures all over their skins. With a good tattoo artist, your tattoo can last for very long. Lastly, people without tattoos should never judge people with tattoos.

How to Pick a Good Tattoo

Awesome-angel-tattoo-designs8Before you get any tattoo, it is important for you to find the right artist. Today, tattoo shops are available on most street corners. Considering that the process of removing tattoos is not easy and can be painful, avoid getting into the nearest shop because you may not be lucky enough to walk away with that great tattoo. Here are things that will help you make a good decision.

Visit several studios or shops, just as you would do when shopping for vehicle. You would not purchase it from the first dealer you met. You may stay for some time so that you can watch the artist as he does his work if possible. By asking several questions, you will be able to tell whether an artist is friendly and willing to speak to you. When you walk into a shop or studio and no one offers to help you, avoid such an artist. The right artist is one you are comfortable with and not one who is simply after the money.

Ask for the artist’s portfolio. In addition to looking at the photos in the portfolio, take time to study his work. Even if you are not an artist, if you are objective, several things can help you tell a good job from a bad one. Avoid being swayed by pictures that are pretty. Study the coloring, line work and the small details. The lines should not be shaky, jagged or jumpy. Colors should be filled in completely, and bold while no areas should be blank. Ensure that circles do no look like ovals. Good artists have portfolios that are large and well maintained.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Those who had good experiences will be happy to recommend their artist. Those with bad experience will warn you about the artists to avoid. Even after getting recommendations, you still need to do your own research. The aim is to ensure that you are dealing with the right artist. If you are outgoing, do not be afraid of talking to someone with a great tattoo when you meet him on the streets. You may get a referral to a great artist.

The process of identifying the tattoo artist may be overwhelming. However, considering that it is meant to last a lifetime, this process is important. You also need to pay attention to aftercare instructions if you want an enjoyable tattoo experience. This will help the tattoo to heal perfectly.